Our Websites

The US Forklift Network is primarily known for its ForkliftArticles.com website which has been energizing the industry since 2012.  The company has recently added two new websites, ForkliftClassifieds.com and ForkliftForums.com and will soon launch another, ForkliftEmployment.com. These four focus sites are supplemented by dozens of keyword focused sites and forklift specific articles.

www.ForkliftArticles.com –  The heart of our enterprise, in ForkliftArticles.com, we review and summarize the equipment and services of the top manufacturers of forklifts world-wide.  Always on the watch for innovative industry developments, the articles provide preliminary guidance to consumers who are searching for the best forklift for their business.

www.ForkliftClassifieds.com – Responding to the need within the industry for a product-specific buy and sell service for used forklifts, ForkliftClassifieds.com is an ideal vehicle for sellers to move their product and buyers to find the exact piece of equipment they are looking for at a price they can afford.  Currency is the hallmark of the site, ensuring that products listed in the ads are still available.

www.ForkliftForums.com – In the age of Social Media, the ability to communicate one on one instantly and to obtain input from individuals experiencing the same problems or issues is addressed through ForkliftForums.com.  At ForkliftForums, experts are available to answer questions and guide discussions about products, prices and the industry overall.  Here, credibility is the key to confidence in the information and the product.

www.ForkliftEmployment.com – In a growth industry at a time of overall job scarcity, ForkliftJobs.com is an answer to an obvious need for both the job seeker and the industry overall.  Companies can list their openings with geographic specificity, and job seekers can showcase their unique skills and qualifications to a very broad audience.  The site will also provide information on training and certification services available to job seekers.  Although not yet available through the USForkliftNetwork family of websites, watch for the launch of this important addition to the network in the near future.