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We are the US Forklift Network, the premiere network of industry-specific websites dedicated to the community of forklift manufacturers, dealerships, distributors, operators, users, buyers, sellers, renters and leasers.  As the most comprehensive dedicated Forklift Network, you can be assured of the best information on all aspects of the forklift industry available.

We stand out from our competitors and imitators because of our dedication to accuracy, our presentation of timely and fresh data, and the comprehensiveness of the services we provide to the entire community of forklift product purveyors and consumers.

Founded by a contemporary entrepreneur who possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and has extensive experience in Internet technology, website development and hosting, and E-Commerce, the company has been on the leading edge of Consumer Information Website Services for a variety of industries.  His team of researchers and writers are dedicated to providing the most current, accurate and understandable information to assist the forklift community in the sale, purchase, operation, maintenance and safety of the equipment so essential to the commercial success of their business.