Forklift – The Online Forklift Community

Because the life of just about every consumer is touched numerous times in the course of a given week by the use of a Forklift at least indirectly, it is only natural that there be a place to turn for informal conversation about Forklift related issues. This reality has inspired the operators of The U.S. Forklift to expand its services to include a new site,  A spokesperson for indicated that the decision to create a Forum exclusively for the extensive Forklift Industry sprung from the popularity of its Forklift Industry article site, and from the rapid expansion of the industry in recent years.  Consumers have many options when considering Forklift fleet expansion, including the influence of new Technology on replacement equipment, breakthroughs in equipment efficiency and user secrets in getting the most out of the latest equipment.

At there are experts on hand to answer questions and to guide discussions about products, prices and the industry overall.  A Forklift Forum representative also mentioned safety and maintenance issues that might be discussed, but expected that most of the topics will center around purchases, upgrades and financial concerns.   He also indicated that one of the motivating factors for launching was the proliferation and disparity of the information on the Internet about the industry.  “Having a credible Forklift Industry Forum monitored by industry experts ensures the accuracy of the information and the ability of equipment users to share their real-life equipment experiences with their fellow operators.”   As with other Forums, there are always Industry Watchdogs who keep their eyes open for new breakthroughs and for bargains and deals that can be responded to in a timely manner. should be a welcome addition to the array of services being offered by The U.S. Forklift Network.