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The global forklift industry is so large that the average consumer is blown away by the number of companies that emerged over the past ten years, the array of new products that the industry has spawned and the manner by which the forklift industry has transformed the way consumer products are moved from raw materials to delivery at our doorstep. It is not an exaggeration to call the activity within the forklift industry a modern industrial revolution. was created to help remove the clutter caused by all this rapid growth, proliferation, and confusion over Forklift products and services.

Because the forklift industry evolved as a response to specific practical needs within a given industry, the various models emerged over time.  Think of the variety of issues within a warehouse depending on the product being moved or stored: pharmaceuticals require security and sanitary conditions; certain foods require refrigeration and super cleanliness; volatile products require special attention to safety; the health of operators and workers require attention to machine emissions; the fragility of the product requires a certain type of tire and suspense system; heavy and bulky items require counterbalance and maneuverability – and the list goes on.  Here again, is at your service to point the way to the right forklift for the right job.

There is no such thing as “just a forklift.”  Every model is designed for a special need, and a company looking for forklift support should carefully shop for the company, the model and the “value added” services that best fits their specific needs.  Thus, the need for and value of

The scope of the forklift industry, and the highly competitive atmosphere among the key players, make it a buyer’s market.  It is most beneficial to take the necessary time to explore your options and to select the best product most favorable to your specific needs and at the best price available. “Knowledge is Power”and Forklift is just one website in the growing US Forklift Network of sites created to provide consumers with the best forklift information available to aid in a well-researched and economically sound decision when selecting your next forklift.