Selling used forklifts can be compared to selling a used car, except that the target audience is much narrower.  Limited access to potential buyers — and the marketing of a specialized industrial product make selling even more difficult.

Classified ads in industry-specific media is your best bet for selling. Your ad is going to appear among many others so you want your equipment to stand out. Beyond basic information such as the year and model you want to include selling points. What makes your forklift better than others? Be sure to mention if you’ve kept the forklift you are selling in great condition, added aftermarket components or are the first owner. It’s easier to sell a forklift if you can highlight special features.

Setting the price can be difficult since it’s not like you can go to Kelley Blue Book and find a standard value. Peruse ads for similar forklifts and price yours in the same range. Set your price a little higher than what you are willing to accept so you can negotiate. Buyers like to feel like they are getting a bargain.

It is wise to include a picture of the forklift you are selling. The picture is as important as the text in the ad. As people scan through the listings, a photo of your forklift allows them to evaluate it instantly, using your ad only for additional information. If you are including special attachments in the sale, include them in the photo.

Forklift buyers are more interested in how well the forklift works than in aesthetics, so if you’ve kept a maintenance record, share it with the potential buyer. It used to be hard to sell a forklift since you could reach only people in the local area. Today, online ads allow you to reach a much wider audience. More customers bring more demand and a better price.

A forklift is a specialized product and you want to reach only clients such as warehouse owners or construction contractors. Your best bet is to advertise on a site that does nothing but sell forklifts so everyone who sees your ad is a potential customer. Internet search engines allow potential customers to zero in on exactly what they want.  People reading your ad are interested in not just buying a used fork lift for sale, but buying the make and model you are offering.

The limitations surrounding the selling of specialized equipment like forklifts can be overcome if you take advantage of a valuable resource like the US Forklift Network, with its industry specific network of websites, including