Forklift – the meeting ground for serious seller and savvy buyer.

Acknowledging that modern-day consumers turn first to the Internet to survey the field and compare products they anticipate purchasing,  U.S Forklift Network recently launched to provide more concrete help to the industry beyond its already well-received Forklift Articles site where it dispenses general information to assist consumers searching for the right Forklift at the right price. 

A spokesperson for U.S. Forklift indicated that after having provided general information about the Forklift industry for the past year or so on its current site, it felt a need to sort out the overwhelming amount of information on the Internet that consumers had to plow through to find the best deals.  Much of the information about used forklifts was found to be outdated.  Some offers go back three to six years offering dead-end leads for archaic equipment from companies that no longer exist.

Because of its credibility within the industry, The U.S. Forklift Network felt challenged to respond to the need and created the ultimate one-stop shopping center for Used Forklifts – a mega site dedicated solely to used forklifts for sale, where sellers could post their ads for used forklifts for sale and where buyers could find the equipment they need – all in one place – and best of all, where the information wouldn’t go stale.  Once a product is sold, it is removed from the site.

The site eliminates the confusion of jumping around the Internet for the various categories relevant to a search for forklifts – namely, buying, renting or leasing.  As a bonus, Forklift Classified  provides a unique service to users:  a FREE price guide – to help narrow the search.  Forklift Classifieds is just one of several  sites in the US Forklift Network offering consumers the help they need in the quest for quality equipment.